[PB]Herbalism & Mining 1-600 - By Lbniese (Fully Automated!)

Since I have been so busy making other profiles and so many people have been asking for 1-600 Herbalism and Mining, I decided to feature the work of Lbniese.  I love his work and it is good enough for me to support and share on my own site.  This is a 100% fully automatied Herbalism and Mining project that you have to see to believe.  Best of all, it's free!  Check out the detailes after the jump!

The profile will level Herbalism and Mining from 1-600 with training, mailing and reapair support.

The profile uses several other gathering profiles to complete the task.  It uses Professionbuddy so make sure you have the latest and up-to-date version.  You can get it on my free file server here.

Also Lbniese uses an SVN where you can get the files.  Or you can grab it off my file system aswell in the Professionbuddy Goodies directory.

For more details and discussion please see his post here.  Also be sure to tell him Gatherit sent you!


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